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Children And Nature Play

It is time to rethink the concept that one focused piece of playground equipment on a flat plane of grass is good enough. The best solution will focus on what is best for our children; the thing they have lost, what we want them to learn, the behaviors we want to encourage, and the obstacles that our modern way of living has presented to them.

Playgrounds should be at the front line in our efforts to address these concerns. By using natural playground components like outdoor musical instruments, hill slides, and logs we engage our children and help fight the trends in childhood obesity, bullying, absenteeism, injury, attention spans, depression, community engagement, and environmental stewardship.

We work extensively and offer a tailored approach with Landscape Architects, Schools, Childcare Facilities, and Municipalities.

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  • Each love seat is completely unique - hand carved from sustainably sourced large tree stumps by our master carvers as one solid piece. For more information on our #NaturalFurniture visit the link in bio.
  • Looking to add some stepping rounds to your playground? Grouping six to nine stepping rounds together gives children the opportunity to practice motor planning, balance and control while receiving vestibular and proprioceptive input.
  • Now that spring has finally sprung, why not get ready for summer with a carved log chair?  Each chair is completely unique – hand carved from large tree stumps as one solid piece, they give children the sense of sitting in a throne, adding a sense of awe and amazement.
  • Its #WackyPost Wednesday again! With the imagination and creativity of children, these simple posts are transformed into store fronts, forts mazes and frames for leaf or snow forts.
  • Happy #LogTunnel Tuesday! A log tunnel provides many opportunities for youth to practice motor planning and body coordination skills. A tunnel also serves as an inviting place to play with others, or as a quiet space to reflect.
  • Happy #WackyPostWednesday! What is your favourite Wacky Post activity?

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