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From simple sand castles to complex constructions with moats and waterways, sand and water play provides endless creative possibilities for little hands, and is often the most popular space in a playground. With ample opportunity for pouring and measuring, sand and water play promotes the foundations of science and math in young children while supporting motor and social skills.

Creative play encourages children to express themselves using their personal feelings and experiences. It also nurtures a child’s emotional and mental health, while allowing children to test new ideas, ways of thinking, and problem-solving skills. Nature’s Instruments retails a range of playground components that foster creative play opportunities for children of all ages. Large-format art walls, acrylic panels, and chalkboards encourage the use of expressive materials for drawing, painting, and writing. Meanwhile, less traditional components such as our wacky posts – irregularly shaped posts hewn from trees – can be transformed into mazes, forts, and store fronts. Just add the limitless imagination of a child!

From carefully carved tables and seating made from large tree stumps, our handcrafted natural furniture is functional, while also providing developmental value for children. As well as adding a sense of awe, amazement, and artistry to an outdoor classroom, each unique Nature’s Instrument piece doubles as a play structure, offering children valuable opportunities for motor planning, sensory processing, and cognitive engagement. Each piece of furniture is customized to accommodate our clients’ specific needs and is universally accessible for all children to enjoy.


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