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  • $700

    Age Group: Infant/Toddlers

    We have done a ton of field testing on this one to bring you the perfect combination of durability, ergonomics and pedagogy. Mud kitchens provide sensory rich activities that children crave while promoting creativity, role-playing, collaboration, motor skills, and communication. Our mud kitchen allows for intense sensory input with the sink at one end while the long countertop provides more creative and dramatic opportunities. This purposely does not look like a kitchen appliance. The open counter allows them to look at each other and develop social skills while they play. One day it is a mud kitchen, the next a chemist station or even a planting post. Built with a heavy duty stainless steel sink and stopper, an ergonomically designed shelf, and durable kiln dried cedar countertop, this moveable piece will endure hours of sensory rich play.

    Make sure you let us know the age of the children playing with it so we can build it to exactly the correct ergonomic height for your kids. Accessories not included.

    AVAILABILITY: Out of stock

  • $167$730

    Age Group: All Ages

    Nature’s Instruments Wacky Posts are irregularly shaped posts hewn from trees with large knots and twists, and encourage creative and dramatic play. With the imagination and creativity of children, these simple posts are transformed into store fronts, forts mazes and frames for leaf or snow forts. This item requires installation.

    Please note that only NI-PG-601-02 and NI-PG-601-03 Hardwood Wacky Posts are available outside of Canada. Customers in the USA will receive Wacky Posts with the bark removed.

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • $427$543

    Age Group: Preschool


    A nice addition to your sand and water play. Throughs are 3′, 2′ and 14″ long and blocks are 8″ and 4″ tall.

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • $918$920

    Age Group: Infant/Toddlers


    Nature’s Instruments chalkboard panels can be placed into sections of fence or against a blank wall to maximise the vertical space in a playground. The simple cedar frame boards are sealed for protection from the elements, and mural paper can be affixed to the wall using simple pins so that the art can be brought inside after completion.

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • $1,448$1,475

    Nature’s Instruments mirror walls are a great addition to any playground, with mirrors made of acrylic for safety. Placing two mirror panels together in a corner of a playground creates a fun and dramatic play area. These panels are 4’x8′ and framed in cedar. Custom sizes are available, please contact us for pricing.

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • $1,036

    Age Group: School Age

    This pine cabinet is designed to hold programming materials for educators, and is a great storage piece for all spaces. Never get lost inside deep storage again. This is a great way to have your programming materials right next to the area of programming to save time when prepping activities. Children can easily access the materials and you do not have to worry about loosing sight of them. Ask us about our different curriculum cabinet options, Outdoor Classrom, Sand Play, Dramatic Play and Gardening!

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • $1,006$1,884

    Age Group: All Ages


    This xylophone is produced from Canadian cedar or spruce and designed to hang from a tree branch. The instrument has a beautiful tone and can be played by multiple users from either side of the instrument. It can be left raw, oiled with tung oil or dyed with non-toxic anodyne dyes. This is a beautiful, functional and simple instrument that is great for all ages. This order includes everything necessary to hang the instrument from a tree branch or post. Please note, this product is meant to be used under supervision and should be taken inside when supervision is not possible. This can be purchased with a frame if a permanent installation is required.

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

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