Backless Log Park Bench


Age Group: All Ages


Log Benches are a great addition to any playground. Not only will children use them for play, they are a great resting and gathering places for adults too. Please note that these benches weigh approximately 1000 lbs.

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  NI-PG-703-02 Backless Log Park Bench

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  • Backless Log Park Bench
  • Installation Instructions
Sensory Processing


Sensory Processing: Tactile, Visual, Proprioceptive, Vestibular

Motor Skills


Motor: Core Strength, Balance, Coordination, Crossing at the Midline, Motor Planning



Cognitive: Problem-Solving, Focus, Attention, Comprehension


Social/Emotional: Parallel, Joint or Cooperative Play, Turn-Taking, Self-Regulation



Communication: Expressive and Receptive Language

The backless bench provides a great space for children to gather and connect as well as offering opportunities to develop gross motor skills. The bench can be a balance beam, a log to jump from or anything a child’s imagination can conjure up, supporting the child’s language, proprioceptive, vestibular and tactile skills. The bench’s rough bark and smooth seat offers contrasting tactile experiences.

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