$192.17 per 16 sq. ft.

  • Increases the use of Turf Grass in High Impact Areas
  • Provides Accessibility Compliance to Outdoor Facilities
  • Increases Protection to Environmentally Sensitive Areas

Durolawn® is a rubber matting system that is installed on top of grass, and after a few months the grass grows through and the mats disappear. This product protects the crowns of the roots of your grass ensuring its survival. Are you looking for a playground surface that is accessible this product is for you – no more barriers or retaining systems are needed to separate your surfacing!

Durolawn® is Portable, Temporary or Permanent, Impervious to Heat, Cold & Water, Proven & Researched and a Good Value Low-Cost Solution.

Durolawn® mats are 1m x 1.5m which is equivalent to 16 square feet. Durolawn® must be sold in 16 square foot increments. If you are interested in ordering over 50 mats (over 800 square feet) please contact us for bulk pricing.

We are proud to introduce Durolawn® into our product lineup. We are now the North American Supplier of Durolawn® grass mats. This product has many applications and if you are looking for the perfect surface for your playground you have found the right product.

Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds offers installation services as for all Durolawn® grass mats.


Contact us if you would like to receive the CAD Blocks for this item.


This item ships with:

  • Durolawn® mats in 16 square foot increments
  • Zip ties and spikes for your order
  • Installation Instructions

Different textures offer a variety of sensory experiences for both hands, and feet. Children can quickly adapt to the amount of pressure and control that is needed to walk, crawl, run and jump on the different surfaces. Whole body experiences are even possible when children roll on the grass and play in the sand and/or soil. Adding different surfaces also provides olfactory input. A variety of the surfaces can be easily manipulated by children (sand, mulch, river rock, soil, logs) enabling them to engage in heavy work activities. The use of shovels and wheelbarrows can add to the heavy work performed by the children when moving sand, mulch, river rock, soil and logs.

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