Log Stick Holder


Age Group: All Ages


Nature’s Instruments log stick holder is created from a 6′ fallen log and has paint holders built into it. This is great for stick painting activities, and up to five children can paint at the same time.

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  NI-PG-608-01 Log Stick Holder

Item Details

This component ships with:

  • Log Stick Holder
  • Installation Instructions
Sensory Processing

Sensory Processing: Tactile, Visual, Proprioceptive

Motor Skills

Motor: Eye-Hand Coordination, Core Strength, Balance, Coordination, Crossing at the Midline, Motor Planning


Cognitive: Problem-Solving, Focus, Attention

Social/Emotional: Parallel, Joint or Cooperative Play, Turn-Taking, Self-Regulation


Communication: Expressive and Receptive Language

This log stick holder is a fantastic way to paint your sticks. This stable base allows children to focus on painting a cylindrical shape. This creative activity provides children with many motor planning opportunities. There are enough holes in the log that up to five children can paint at the same time, and the holes are different sizes to encourage children to problem-solve what size stick can fit into each hole.

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