Portable Water Pump


Age Group: School Age

Bring water to an outdoor space with our portable water pump! This ships fully assembled, and since it is portable you can place it near a sand surface or sensory table! This pump is able to handle water mixed with sand and dirt.


CAD Drawings

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  NI-PG-506-01 Portable Water Pump

Item Details

This component ships with:

  • Fully Assembled portable water pump

Sensory Processing

Sensory Processing: Auditory, Tactile, Visual, Proprioceptive, Vestibular

Motor Skills

Motor: Eye Hand Coordination, Core Strength, Upper Body Strength, Balance, Coordination, Crossing at the Midline, Motor Planning


Cognitive: Problem-Solving, Focus, Attention

Social/Emotional: Parallel, Joint or Cooperative Play, Turn-Taking, Self-Regulation


Communication: Expressive and Receptive Language

This activity requires children to pump water while they organize the hose for the water to come out. Children can work together to make the pump work or can problem-solve how to make it work on their own. The pumping motion takes strength and balance to complete. It’s a great activity that provides both proprioceptive and vestibular skills where balance and movement are coordinated.

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