Trough and Block System


Age Group: Preschool


A nice addition to your sand and water play. Throughs are 3′, 2′ and 14″ long and blocks are 8″ and 4″ tall.


CAD Drawings

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  NI-PG-504-01 Toddler Trough & Block Set
  NI-PG-504-02 Standard Trough & Block Set

Item Details

This component ships with:

  • 2 Large troughs (Standard)
  • ​2 Medium Troughs (Toddler), 4 Medium Troughs (Standard)
  • 4 Small Troughs (Toddler), 2 Small Troughs (Standard)
  • 2 Large Blocks (Toddler), 6 Large Blocks (Standard)
  • 6 Small Blocks (Toddler), 12 Small Blocks (Standard)

Sensory Processing

Sensory Processing: Tactile, Visual, Proprioceptive

Motor Skills

Motor: Eye Hand Coordination, Core Strength, Upper Body Strength, Balance, Coordination, Crossing at the Midline, Motor Planning


Cognitive: Problem-Solving, Focus, Memory, Attention, Comprehension

Social/Emotional: Parallel, Joint or Cooperative Play, Turn-Taking, Self-Regulation


Communication: Expressive and Receptive Language

The troughs and blocks are great for problem-solving, social skills, and gross motor skills. The children can problem solve and motor plan how to best join the troughs together in order to make a waterway. Natural loose parts are often used to manipulate the heights and angles of the troughs. Children can work on their own or within small groups. This is a great activity for children of all ages and abilities. The troughs come in 3 lengths: 14 inches, 2 feet, and 3 feet. Digging and mixing are also part of this activity.

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