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Log Mash® Play Structure & Bridge

Install the Log Mash® play structure anywhere! Designed for use in parks, rooftops, forests or trails, each Log Mash® play structure pod comes from our studio pre-built and mounted on a 4’x8’ treated steel ground frame. Installation is simple and flexible. Rooftop installations are now possible with our interlocking ground frame system and less than 80 lb./sq. ft. load. Sensitive forest floor or play-trail applications are a breeze, requiring only four helical piles per pod.

Fit any budget! You have the flexibility to add more variety over time. Where budgets are tight, parks can purchase a pair of Log Mash® play structure pods and a game with the option to add pods and games in subsequent years, or as budget allows.

The “Log Mash® play structure” provides amazing gross motor opportunities, children can climb, hang, balance, jump, and cruise around and on this natural playground equipment. Adding excellent opportunities for balance and coordination, proprioceptive input and increasing motor planning skills. It is also great practice for the coordination of the upper and lower extremities. Children can experiment with vestibular motion by swinging and hanging from the ropes. And this component provides a social aspect to this activity since children of all physical levels can play together on the same component.

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