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Outdoor Chalkboards by Nature Instrument’s

Nature’s Instruments chalkboard panels can be placed outside into sections of fence or against a blank wall to limit the space that it takes in a playground or outdoor classroom. Chalkboards have long been a hit due to their versatility in the areas of play and creativity. Children have the opportunity to freely “colour on walls” through artistic expression, learn and develop through reading and writing, and practice their fine motor skills.

Outdoor Chalkboard

The simple cedar frame boards are sealed for protection from the elements and the chalkboard beads off rain and snow allowing it to be left outside all year round. The chalkboard allows children to have a great range of motion while writing and drawing and allows children to easily play parallel, jointly or cooperatively with other children. For children with core balance issues, chalking at this outdoor chalkboard is a subtle way to support their goals. This natural playground component can be installed as a fence panel or at different heights to accommodate wheelchairs.

Put a piece of chalk in the hands of a child (or adult!) and it’s hard to resist drawing a picture, writing one’s name, or simply scribbling away, just to wash it off and start over again.

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