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Sideways Tree Climber

Sideways trees are used as climbers and are an amazing way to add a natural feature to your playground. Children can hang, balance, jump and yes climb this natural playground component, providing a great opportunity to work on their core strength and motor planning.

The bark on the tree provides a tactile experience, and children can drape fabric across the branches to act as a fort, providing social and dramatic play opportunities, and allowing cooperative play growing both communication skills and social interactions. A fort can also provide a quiet space for children who need assistance with self-regulation.

A sideways tree can be anything the children can imagine, from a pirate ship to a rocket to the moon, allowing kids to let their imagination run wild. And climbing on the sideways tree will help with balance and coordination, proprioceptive processing and improving motor planning skills.

Each sideways tree is unique as the trees that they are made from, they are an exciting site to see on a natural playground and one of the most popular items we carry because of the number of activities that they can be at the center of.

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