Warranty & Shipping Policy

Shipping, Payment Terms, & Warranty

Nature’s Instruments works with a reliable carrier for all shipments. All of our shipments are insured in case items are lost or damaged, and the insurance, as well as brokerage and duties when shipping to the United States, are included in the shipping price. Due to the irregular sizing of our custom components, most items will ship on a 4×8 foot, 4×5 foot or 4×4 foot pallets or require a combination of these pallets.  Component orders that have a value of $10,000 or less will ship within 10-12 weeks of receipt of payment for the order. Component orders that have a value greater than $10,000 require 10-12 weeks to be manufactured from the date of receipt of a 50% deposit. Deposits are non-refundable.


When the order is packaged and ready to ship, Nature’s Instruments will send you photos and description of all components on the order with the invoice for the remaining balance. Prior to shipping the balance of the component invoice must be paid in full. Your order will ship within 2 business days.  The carrier will contact you ahead of the delivery date to coordinate the delivery time. Your delivery is FOB your parking lot, and the receiver must be present to sign for the shipment. All deliveries are fully insured, and Nature’s Instruments has photos and paperwork for all shipments in perfect condition as they leave our warehouse.

It is the customer’s responsibility to check that everything on the order has been received and that everything has arrived free of damage. If there is damage, the receiver must take photos and make a note on the paperwork, and if there the driver will ask you to sign so that a claim can be made and the shipping error can be rectified.  Please note, the customer is required to unload the delivery truck, so please inquire as to the size and weight of your shipment so you can have the proper equipment available to unload when your order arrives.


Nature’s Instruments does hereby warrant The Components supplied to The Client for a period of one year from the date of receipt of The Components for any manufacturing defect. This warranty is voided if any party other than NI modify the components from their original manufactured condition. This warranty does not cover damage caused by windstorm, tornado, lightning, hail, and all other acts of nature whether wholly or in part, nor does it cover negligence or misuse of The Components.

Wood Products: The wood products are treated with non-toxic preservatives and some checking, oxidization or aging is to be expected.

Bark is expected to shed within the warranty period.  Durolawn® Mats: The colour of these mats is expected to fade. The mats are designed to bend to a maximum of 90 degrees over one metre. This product is meant for pedestrian traffic only, and will maintain its ADA & AODA compliance, grass wear resistance and impact rating only if installed and maintained as per the manufacturer’s specifications.

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