Wood Policy

Guiding Principles:

  • The long term health and optimal development of the child and the community will guide the development of every component in our portfolio
  • Nature’s Instruments would never take down healthy viable trees for the purpose of connecting children to nature. This would be counterproductive
  • Healthy, mature trees are fundamental to the health of the communities they serve. The trees that provide the raw materials for our products are either, dead, diseased, dying, hazardous, or permitted and approved for removal as a result of road or house construction
  • We will never treat our products with anything that might pose a risk to human health

Species Choice:

  • The species of trees used are carefully selected due to their higher tannin levels and resistance to rot
  • Ash, Pine, Birch, and Sugar Maple are never used as they are guaranteed to be infested with insects and as a result, their sale and transport is regulated in many jurisdictions
  • Locust, Oak, Walnut, Cedar, Larch, and Silver Maple are our preferred species

Installation Methodology

  • We have developed engineered mounting systems that have been designed to keep the natural components from coming into contact with water or organic matter. This reduces vector points for microbial or insect feeding and slows decomposition
  • Bark is removed at all mounting points and wood intersections to create a more secure connection, avoid entrapments under ASTM & CSA, and prevent this potential vector for accelerated microbial or insect feeding
  • As per NAFTA, all wood material that crosses the Canada/USA border is debarked prior to shipping. This option is also available to all of our Canadian and US clients
  • Bark is a loose part and important for optimal child development, the trade-off of increased cognitive engagement, creativity, and social collaboration far outweighs the potential 10% increase in rate of deterioration from leaving the bark on.

Chemical Treatment

  • Chemical treatments only coat the outer 10mm of the wood surface. Insect and microbial feeding in the core of this wood will not be abated by this treatment while adverse health effects of human contact with the chemicals is increased. This contravenes our guiding principles
  • Log end seal (a paraffin based product) is used on all log products to reduce checking and cracking

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